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Grey Limbo
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Virgie Barone

I was forced to sell my Husband's practice after he died suddenly. EPL Business Sales was there every step of the way to make sure I could retain clients and had a ready network of buyers who were ready to immediately purchase my husband's business.

Grey Limbo
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EPL Tax Group brokered my tax firm that I’ve operated for 20+ years. This is a testimonial of the competency and integrity of EPL Business Sales and Peter Ellefson in particular. He filtered out non-serious buyers and only brought me qualified individuals, one whom i ultimately sold my firm to.

Since he owns a tax practice he was knowledgeable about all the intricacies of the business and how to optimize the sales price.

Grey Limbo
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I was looking to retire from my tax practice, and I found Peter through a referral. He made the selling process seamless and was able to successfully sell my practice. I would recommend him to anyone trying to sell their tax practice.

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